Crowded Nights and High Limit Tables

We’ve all been through the tough and crowded weekend nights in casinos. You can always expect that a casino can be very jam packed when the weekend hits. There’s definitely nothing we can ever do about it. It’s not a management problem for a casino. In fact, a casino can make huge profits when they’re really packed.

Other than the huge crowd that comes during the weekend, another hassle a crowded weekend night often brings high table limits. Picture this, it’s a crowded night in a casino. Then suddenly you find an empty table! It’s like a once in a lifetime chance, so you take it. Once seated, you’ll be greatly disappointed to find out that that table has a high minimum. So that’s why that table was clearly empty.

No, there’s no sense complaining about it. The dealer on that table clearly can’t do anything about. This is a management decision that the casino’s executives have made. The decision to keep more tables with high limits is based on the amount of money a casino can earn rather than accommodating complaints about them.

One of the sources of a casino’s income comes from table games with players who don’t put basic strategy into practice. Either these players are new to table games or just out there for fun not minding how much they lose. To make the casino make as much money or even more, they put in more high limit tables on the floor.

Let’s say a casino makes a profit of $300 on low limit table games after playing a six-hours of game time. Most casinos can earn as much on only half the time spent playing using only two high limit tables. Casinos will definitely favor having more high limit tables on the playing floor especially on very crowded weekend nights since there are more players.

This simply applies the economics law of supply and demand, where if the supply is less or constant and the demand is high, you should expect that prices would go up. But this phenomenon is more true in areas where there are only a few casinos that players can choose from. This doesn’t seem to be a huge problems for areas with a lot of casinos.

The only few things you can do when this happens in a casino is to plan your visits to a casino. It is a good idea to avoid the crowded nights especially on weekends. If your only time to visit a casino is during the weekend then plan ahead to come early to avoid the huge crowd.

When crowds gather during the weekend, it is usually very hard to find low limit tables and high limit tables take the spotlight. By planning ahead you can come to casino during the less crowded times and play on a table game that you can afford.…

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